Whether its clothing, shoes, vinyl record albums or a vintage shaving item, history has shown that eventually style and designs will come around with time.

I guess that’s what led me to appreciate and start collecting vintage wet shaving items. The bad thing is that I actually remember my dad using some of these treasures. Well; maybe that’s a good thing. Visitations to antique shops, estate sales and private collectors left me with an overabundance of functional antique shaving mugs, soaps, drinking mugs and even complete shaving brush and razor sets, most in excellent condition and so many that I no longer have enough room for storage.

All items listed in this section are a part of our private collection that we now want to share with you. We will, to our best knowledge, share the condition and history behind each piece. Please enjoy and reflect back on the last time you saw one of these used in your family.


Shipping is included within the lower forty-eight states.

Please note that due to federal restrictions, we do not ship animal hair brushes internationally. We will ship all other products and synthetic brushes.