Shaving Essentials encompass the basic items used for wet shaving. Wet shaving is more than just jumping out of the shower and running a cheap disposable across your face. Current day wet shaving joins traditional methods with both new or time proven soaps and razors. The process of wet shaving may require a small change in your lifestyle but without a doubt, it yields better results, it’s calming, it’s more cost effective in the long run, produces less waste and it’s just down right fun.

Traditionally wet shaving is done with a single edge or double edge safety razor but if desired, one can begin enjoying the pleasures of wet shaving with the purchase of a brush and soap. It won’t take long to realize how much better a good brush and soap is over some foam from a can. For now you can continue using your current style of razor until ready for the next step but realize the big difference is when you combine the two.

Now it’s time to decide on a razor. When it comes to razors, well, let’s just say they have become big business. Does your cartridge have four, five or even six blades? Are you spending $3 or $4 a week on shaving and then disposing a bunch of waste? A six blade cartridge doesn’t shave any closer than five and so on. If you’re comfortable with a cartridge for safety reasons, that’s up to you, but I get fewer nicks and cuts with an open style double edge than a multiple blade cartridge and spend less than 18¢ a week on blades. Mainly because less pressure is used with a double edge razor. I still support those who choose to use a cartridge razor, however, think about using one with fewer blades. You’ll get less razor burn and your shave will be just as close. When I’m in the mood for something different, I pull out my 1970’s series Track II (yes blades are still available). Slow down and enjoy life. Regardless what razor you choose, take the time to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures, wet shaving.



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Shaving brushes come in more variations than makes and models of cars. I do suggest adequate due diligence before final selection but remember; what you are reading is a personal opinion and that person’s experience may be very different from yours.

Be prepared to learn a new language when it comes to the terminology describing materials used to make a knot and the characteristics of different knots. Terms such as loft, density, splay, bloom, scritch, scratch and softness will be thrown about, but again, remember that the characteristics used in describing a knot are totally subjective for each person.

When you do make a choice, realize that the characteristics of a dry out of the box brush will be very different than after it is broken in. The majority of the knots we use are extra dense silvertip badger. In order to provide you with more selection, we also offer pure badger, black badger and synthetic bristle, all obtained from reputable dealers.

Choosing a handle is a little more objective. The majority of handles I produce are machined from natural materials including domestic woods, exotic woods and natural antlers or horns. We do occasionally offer classic handles made from composite materials.  In staying with our environmentally friendly policy, all woods we have selected are cut from downed timber or obtained from legal importers and were not extracted from rain forests. When antlers are used to produce our non-custom handles, the materials come from suppliers that provide us with sheds, not antlers taken from harvested game.


shaving brushes,custom shaving brushes,handmade shaving brushes

The majority of our work is making custom brushes.  Custom brushes made by TOF are just that. These brushes have the same quality craftsmanship as our other fine brushes but they allow you to add that personal touch making it even more unique and special. A custom brush allows you to specify the handle material and primary shape, type of knot used, loft that the knot will be set to and perhaps inserting a special medal, artifact or coin in base. We can use your knot, logo or special coin but these items must be purchased by you and delivered prior to us processing your order.

A custom brush can be made to commemorate that special event or once in a lifetime hunting trip. Some have been created with customer furnished antlers from a memorable hunting trip and incorporated part of the fired bullet case within the base of the brush handle. Other combinations have included inserting a team logo medallion, a rare or uncirculated coin and commemorative coins in the handle base.

With thousands of variations available when selecting a custom brush, we choose to maintain a one-on-one touch with our customers.  This is the only way we can review your preferences and discuss the many options available to you.  So, when you are ready for a custom shaving brush, just contact us to get the process started.

If you want the custom touch but don’t want to wait for a complete custom build, made by TOF offers brushes with completed handles and unset knots.  You choose the knot and loft and we’ll set it.  This allows for your input, so you still achieve that custom touch.  If you don’t see exactly what you want here, just contact us and we’ll be glad to build one of your dreams.



custom razors, safety razors,razors,mach 3, fusion

Razors made by TOF are available in three different head configurations. Most traditionalists elect to use the double edge safety razor, however, we continue to offer both the Mach 3 and Fusion styles for our customers that prefer a cartridge type. We do occasionally offer Trac II type in our Vintage Collectables section.

Our razors can also be purchased as a custom item allowing you to select a wood to match your brush, adjust the handle length or create a natural free form look with antler.  So, when you are ready for a custom razor, just contact us to get the process started.  Regardless of choice, you can be assured that each item will be a one-of-a-kind piece finished to our high quality standards.




For a truly organized and custom look, made by TOF offers complete shaving sets. Our shaving sets are supplied with a shaving brush, a razor and a stand. All pieces in the set have been crafted using materials from the same stock so there is less chance of color variation.

With thousands of variations available when selecting a custom set, we choose to maintain a one-on-one touch with our customers.  This is the only way we can review your preferences and discuss the many options available to you.  So, when you are ready for a custom shaving set, just contact us to get the process started.

Most shaving sets are custom made but occasionally when time permits, we assemble one and post it for sale here. They don’t hang around long. Occasionally we come across a vintage set from the good ole days. So if you’re in the market for a good vintage set, be sure to check out our Vintage Collectables section.

All of our products include free shipping within the Continental United States.

Please note that due to federal restrictions, we do not ship animal hair brushes internationally.  We will ship all other products and synthetic brushes.