Whitetail Antler Shaving Brush



Product Description

This majestic token from nature was a gift from the man himself!  Presented is a finely handcrafted shaving brush made from a whitetail antler shed. From it’s heavy weight to the natural thumb recess, this brush is sure to please any hunter!  We allow each piece of antler to lead us to the final design.  Some form a natural curve or thumb recess while others tend to demand a time-proven design.  This gorgeous brush just feels right in your hand.  The brush handle has been sealed both in and out then buffed to a medium luster.  If that’s not enough, we recessed the base of a rifle cartridge into the bottom of the handle.

This fantastic brush has a 25mm extra dense Silvertip Badger knot set to a 59 loft.  The handle measures 62mm long with a maximum width of 37mm.  Overall length is 121mm.