Mesquite Root Shaving Brush



Product Description

Crafted with a functional and timeless shape, this shaving brush was created using Mesquite root. The grain has great variegation.

After detailing, the handle was treated to a durable gloss finish.  This handle measures 51mm high, 34.5mm at the waist and 39mm at the bulb.

Native to the southwestern United States and Mexico, we all think of mesquite as a great wood for barbequing but did you know that mesquite is one of the most expensive types of lumber from the United States?  A mature tree can be milled and sold for thousands of dollars.  The color ranges from honey brown to medium brown with variegated black grain.  All of our mesquite stock is comes from the hill country of Texas.

This luxurious brush is set with a 22mm Extra Dense Silvertip Badger knot to a lot of 52mm.