Burnt Orange Faucet Handle Wine Stopper



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Product Description

Need something different that shows off the colors of your favorite sports team? Have a special organization you want to promote? Well, here’s your chance to be different!  Here’s one in Burnt Orange and Chrome nut.

We offer these unique wine stoppers in a variety of team and organization colors. The great part is that they use re-purposed faucet handles so they not only keep junk out of the waste piles, they’re very cool! Because they are re-purposed, no two shapes are an exact match. I’ll bet your friends don’t have one of these.  Rumor has it that a Bright Pink one showed up on a local Mardi Gras King’s table!

Don’t forget, our wine stoppers may cost is a little more, but all inserts are made with food grade 304 stainless steel that will not corrode like the lower priced chrome ones. If you have ever used a chrome one for a while, you know how terrible they can get.

Should you wish to have a special topper made, we’re open to suggestions and please contact us if you don’t see your colors here. Quantity orders are accepted by contacting us directly but remember that the shapes and sizes may vary, so throw those corks away!