Hand-crafted items made by TOF can encompass a very diversified spectrum. We try to create smaller pieces that one could use as a unique gift item for a friend or wedding party and occasionally specialty furniture.

Whenever possible, we strive to re-purpose vintage and specialty pieces into something unexpected. To an extent, many of the smaller items can be duplicated but most of the time, a re-purposed item will be a unique piece. Some re-purposed items can be copied, however, small differences will still make each piece a one-of-a-kind.

Should you wish to order a particular item in quantity or have an item made with your company/team colors, please contact me with any questions. We enjoy creating unique products.


Wine stoppers made by TOF are created to be both unique and fun. Some are topped with commemorative state coins and creative crystal like components, others may have re-purposed items that you will recognize but we always want to have an assortment of unique and fun pieces. Don’t be surprised if you come across a special Mardi Gras topper, a fat pig or even a red hot pair of lips!

Although the cost is a little more, all of our wine stopper inserts are made with food grade 304 stainless steel that will not corrode like the lower priced chrome ones.

Should you wish to have a special topper made, we’re open to suggestions and many of the ones you see here can be ordered in quantity or even created with your company/team colors, so throw those corks away!  Shipping is included within the lower forty-eight states.





My lady is special and yours should be too. For fifteen years Sylvia has carried one of our original ladies mirrors around in her purse.

Like most things, modern designs have allowed for improvement. Now instead of a mirror with no magnification, our ladies purse mirror has both a zero magnification side and a magnified side. These beautiful mirrors are topped with your choice of domestic or exotic woods and packed in a protective drawstring bag.

 So come on guys, step up to the plate.  Shipping is included within the lower forty-eight states.








When someone asks, you can honestly say… it’s a one of a kind!

Each of our handcrafted writing instruments is styled and finished by hand to our high standards.  Every pen is unique in its own way and cannot be exactly duplicated.  We have had many people act in disbelief when they find out that these beauties were actually made by TOF.

Select one that reflects your personality or provide one as a gift for a graduation, birthday, anniversary or other special recognition.  We have been pleased to provide these to newlyweds for a bridesmaid or groomsman gift.  Our fine pens will make a lasting impression on everyone.  TOF also offers custom orders and can design one with a material that has a sentimental value to you.

Take some time to preview our pens made with Olivewood that we import from the Holy Land.  That’s right.  We import pruned clippings from olive trees that age over thousands of years old!  Each comes with a certificate of authenticity.  Shipping is included within the lower forty-eight states.


Boards-103The kitchen is the heart of any home.  It’s the room where friends and family gather with good food, laughs and memories.  Our hand-crafted kitchen accessories are not only functional, they’re a piece of art.  Each is unique and is sure to generate conversation.

All pieces are designed by our family, crafted with domestic and/or exotic woods then finished by hand.








Come on.  You know every time you need a quick fix your screwdriver is out in the shop or somewhere inconvenient.  Does mom need one in the kitchen drawer away from the old man?  How about one in the glove box of your car or maybe in your golf bag?   Well, it’s time to take care of that!

We’re now offering one of the handiest tools you could own.  It’s the Handi-Driver.  A compact screwdriver that fits in the palm of your hand and carries eight different tips including two flathead tips, two Phillips tips, two Torx tips and two hex head tips all held in  a convenient carousel.  It can be used with the carousel on or off of the magnetic handle.  Shipping is included within the lower forty-eight states.




Jewelry Boxes 1-1 copy

For lack of something better to call this category, we decided to put all specialty items we create in one location. From jewelry boxes to tables, if it’s something different, you’ll find it here.

Unfortunately, we are unable to commission orders for specialty items at this time.